Susan Toussaint

2024 Insurance Market Outlook for Retailers

Amid a tough insurance market due to global factors, experts foresee mixed outcomes for 2024. With challenges like rising costs and the talent crisis persisting, firms must innovate and prioritize human expertise to navigate future uncertainties and remain competitive.

7 Ways the Insurance Workforce is Evolving

As the talent crisis persists and technology continues to evolve, how are insurance organizations responding, and what are their plans for the future? Research conducted by ReSource Pro this year reveals insight into how the industry is rethinking workforce strategies, roles, and the usage of tech. Here are seven key findings we uncovered.

6 Trends Impacting Retail Insurance Agencies & Brokers

Between economic and talent challenges, increasing compliance obligations, and more, 2023 is set to be another interesting year for the insurance industry. Let’s explore the top trends affecting the space today and examine the impact they’ll have on retailers.