Justin Reisinger

4 Keys to Success for Automation in Insurance Agencies

As more insurance agencies warm to the idea of implementing automation, their next priority should be understanding how to make automation work successfully. To achieve the greatest return on investment, insurance agencies should consider four key steps.

How To Assess Your Organization’s Automation Readiness

Determining whether automation makes sense for your insurance organization requires assessment across multiple areas—your people, your business process, and your technology systems. It is critical to understand each area while considering implementing automation.

Is Your Insurance Agency Ready for Automation?

Automation is a powerful tool for insurance agencies. But do you have a full view of the cost, steps, and time required to develop, customize, and manage bots? Here’s what you need to consider to make the most of this technology

Hit or Myth: 3 Barriers to Automation in Insurance

When businesses think of automation, many envision straight-through processes that occur quickly and without any human intervention, or as a solution that is easy to implement and simple to maintain. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit more complicated.